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Upcoming reading of CATO, A TRAGEDY by Joseph Addison. Please download the script here

Download the two parts of THE MEMORANDUM here and here.

Metternich's work has crumbled to nothing, and Talleyrand's, Richelieu's, Bismarck's, and innumerable others.  But not Bach's, Shakespeare's, Homer's, Rembrandt's, Dante's and the work of many more whose names stand in their glorious company.  Does not this fact of itself show that side of life upon which we should bear lightly and that upon which we should rest with our whole weight?
-- "Miscellany," the Freeman,
February 27, 1924
(attributed to Albert Jay Nock)

I have recorded an audio anthology of Henry Louis' admiration for Henrik entitled "Mencken on Ibsen."  To listen to samples or purchase a digital download or hard copy, please visit Digstation, CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes and others.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining an "Economics in One Lesson" study group where we will share insights into Hazlitt's work or for the more ambitious, a group studying Mises' "Human Action."   Please contact via the online form on the contact page for dates and times in Tucson, AZ.  I will provide books for those who are interested and do not already have a copy

Also taking requests for audio books of liberty oriented material in the public domain or where you may hold rights to usage. Here is where you may hear
some of my recordings.  If you have enjoyed them please consider sending something my way.  I would like to start investing in better equipment to create higher quality recordings.

Please visit frequently and direct all inquiries to:

Robert Anthony Peters is now available for speaking engagements! Read what Alexander Falkenstein, West Coast Director for the Students for Liberty had to say:

The lecture, “Liberty and the Arts,” which Mr. Peters gave during the (2009 SFL West Coast) conference was creative, interesting, and involved the audience which was a great way to begin the event. The lecture had elements of humor while remaining on topic. His personal ability to excite the audience was outstanding. Consistently engaging the audience with questions, jokes, and attention grabbing pictures and interesting facts is a direct reason why I would recommend him for any speaking engagement.


Along with an excellent lecture, Mr. Peters made himself approachable throughout the whole conference allowing attendees the ability to directly question and discuss his topic. A post-conference survey showed the high marks he earned for his friendliness and openness to questions and comments along with a successful lecture. He was willing to engage students and other speakers on a wide variety on topics throughout the day which I was personally able to notice.


Mr. Peters' overall excellent performance is why I would recommend him without reservation for any speaking engagement, especially for student orientated events.

I have now spoken at the State Policy Network Annual Conference, Free Minds Film Festival and Libertopia, as well.  Let me know if I may be of service to you at an event you may have!